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     We put the "IT" in Reliability! 

* Computer Repairs (PC & Mac)
* PC Repairs & Customizing
* Virus & Spyware Removal
* Web & Graphic Design
* Remote Support
* And More...


We put the "IT" in Reliability!

At CEDROPHOENIX Computer Services, we fix ALL brands of computers. Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Compaq, Gateway, ASUS, Acer, eMachine, Alienware, LG, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, HP aka Hewlett Packard, Customs, Cyberpower PC, and we work on Servers, Networks, etc... We also work on Mac's and iPhones, iPads & iPods & Androids...

CEDROPHOENIX Computer Services & Web Design offers Computer Repair, Computer & PC Service, Networking, Virus Cleanup, Virus Removal & Protection, New Computer System Setup, Computer Diagnostics, Hardware & Software installations, Data Backup & Data Retrieval, LCD Replacements, Custom Built PC’s, Refurbished & Off Lease Desktops & Laptops, Point Of Sale Setup, Web Design and more…

Remote Support available by appointment.

» iPad, iPod, iPhone Repair

» Custom Built Systems

» Refurbished Laptops

» Web Design

» Mobile Site Builder

Some of our services include, but not limited to:

» PC’s & MAC Service

» Laptop Repair Service

» DC Jack Repair

» LCD Replacement

» Networks: (Wired & Wireless)

» Router Installation

» Remote Access

» Virtual Private Network (VPN)

» Data Protection

» Backup Solutions

» Firewall/Security

» Broadband Installation

» Point Of Sale Setup

» Computer Service & Repairs

» Virus / Spyware / Pop-up Removal

» Hard Drive Recovery

» System Restoration

» Hardware Upgrades

» Software Installation

» Operating System Upgrades

» Printer Setup & Networks

» New System Setup

» iPad Repair

» iPhone Repair

» iPod Repair

» And Much More


CEDROPHOENIX, home desktop and laptop computer repair for New England!

* Computer Virus and Spyware Removal Service:
With this package we will clean your computer, remove any viruses, worms and spyware in there, and then get your computer, desktop or laptop, up to speed and secure and set up an anti virus and firewall program. Repair that computer and surf the Internet safely without worry today!!!

* Basic Tune-up and Computer Repair Service:
Miss the way your computer used to run? We’ll clean up and repair your laptop or desktop hard drives, update all your programs and software, and remove and repair any unnecessary files or programs, getting your computer up to speed again. We will also make sure your programs and Windows are up to date with the most recent updates.

* Hard Drive Data Transfer Service:
Is your old computer beyond repair? We can get that data off it for you. If you need data from one hard drive to another, we can do it. Take all your data from that old computer to make your transition to the new one go easier.

* Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade Service:
Let us replace that failing or dead hard drive, we can also upgrade your existing hard drive or add another for extra storage.
Available for desktop and laptop computers.

* Laptop Lcd Screen Replacement / Upgrade Service:
Is your laptop screen scratched, damaged, cracked, or just not working. We can replace it with either a matte or glossy finished screen and get your laptop back in action.

* Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service:
Is your laptops keyboard missing keys? Are your keys sticking or worn? We can replace that keyboard and get your laptop back up to speed.

* Laptop CD/DVD/Blu Ray Replacement / Upgrade Service:
We can replace that failing CD/DVD drive or upgrade your drive so you can record and/or play CD's, DVD's,
or even Blu ray.

* Desktop Hardware Replacement / Upgrade Service:
Upgrade or replace your desktop computer.

* Startup Repair (Blue screen repair) Service:
Your computer won't start up???
We can help you with either virus, driver, or update issues causing your computer to not start up.
Fix the dreaded Blue screen of death. Available on desktop and laptop computers.

* Operating system Install / Upgrade Service:
Let us upgrade your computer to the newest operating system. We can also reinstall your operating system. Prices vary on operating system and upgrades or clean installs.

* Online Backup with Carbonite:
CEDROPHOENIX Computer Repair is now a Carbonite online backup affiliate. Contact us for more details on how to protect your data!!

* Data Recovery:
Data recovery services. No charge if no data is recovered! Hard drives, usb drives and external drive recovery.

* Free computer repair diagnosis:
Free diagnostic available on most models. Next day service, no risk.

* Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11 customizing:
Frustrated with the new Windows 8 Metro, and miss the start menu? We are able to customize your Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11 to make it look again like Windows 7 or even Windows XP!

* Windows 10 & Windows 11 upgrade and clean install now available:
We have tested Windows 10, its a huge improvement over both Windows 7 and Windows 8!
More secure, faster, friendlier, and it works fine on most older systems. You can upgrade from Vista only, so if you want to go from XP to Windows , you'll need a clean install and data transfer. Call today for pricing and availability!!

CEDROPHOENIX Computer Services in Massachusetts, and New England offers many other services, from laptop lcd replacement and other hardware upgrades, to troubleshooting of software issues.

Call us today at 617.209.9781 for all your computer repair needs!!!

Custom Graphic & Web Design:

Looking for a custom web design service?
Select CEDROPHOENIX to help you establish or refine your online presence and get the best website designs and local web design services for small business and individuals.

CEDROPHOENIX Custom Web Design: Features

* Custom Web Design:
Development by a professional web design company
Choose from high-quality web design and layout concepts
customized for you

* Custom Logo Design:

* Custom web design size: from five pages to unlimited
+Custom Favicon design (Web site icon)
+Customer contact form: Visitors can send you email from your website
+Custom web design search: Visitors can search web design content
+Custom Web Design: Expandable and Manageable
+Custom web design size: Expand as large as you need
+Add new pages to your custom web design at any time
+Custom Web Design: SEO Web Design Services:
+Search Engine Friendly Custom Web design
+Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques
+Web Design Sitemap page Included
+Search Engine Optimization
+Search Engine Friendly Company Blog branded with +Custom Web design
+Custom Web Design Social Media Integration – Facebook, Twitter, etc

* Custom Web Design: Full Service Web Development:
+Custom web design, web hosting, domain registration, all in one place
+Your custom web design belongs to you: one time cost, no monthly fees
+No web hosting commitment (Full service web hosting with us is optional)
+Full service web hosting includes 5 branded email accounts
+Custom Web Design: Customer Support
+Web design support via phone, email, chat
+Dedicated, personal attention to your custom web design
+100% Custom Web Design Satisfaction Guarantee With reasonable prices
+Design, affordable web design services for small business and individuals are available.
+Custom web design management and expansion features benefit businesses and individuals who frequently update or add website content or need social media integration.

Contact Michael at 617.209.9781 for a custom web design consultation today.

Full Service Web Design – CEDROPHOENIX Web Design

The emphasis in CEDROPHOENIX custom web design is on custom web design! Here is a list of custom web design capabilities to give you an idea of professional web development services offered:

CEDROPHOENIX Custom Web Design – Local Business Web Design

Dental Website Design
Attorney Website Design
Beauty Salon Website Design
Small Business Web Design
Automotive Website Design
Musician Website Design
Personal Website Design
Corporate Web Design
Insurance Web Design
And much more...

Below, are some of our Web creations:

And More...

For CEDROPHOENIX custom web design by a professional web design company, contact Michael at 617.209.9781 for an consultation or more information today!

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  • Responsive
  • Professional
CEDROPHOENIX Graphic & Web Design


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We aim to fix your computer, laptop, iPhone or other equipment at the best possible price, with the best possible service in the best possible time. We only use new, high quality parts to repair your devices and offer a warranty. We support both home and small business users with anything from Virus infections, broken screens, network problems to data recovery, to Web Design, to Point of Sale Setup and many things in between.

Remote Support
  • * We send you a link via e-mail or you can access the log in through our site.
  • * Remote access is granted only with your permission.
  • * Once we gain access we will be able to see your computer as if we are sitting right in front of it.
  • * We can remotely access multiple computers simultaneously.
  • * A chat applet is on screen throughout our remote session so that you can address questions.

Processes and Policies
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, our additional guidelines include sanitizing and disinfecting all computers and equipment before and after our work; washing and sanitizing hands after touching any customer’s equipment; disinfecting and sanitizing our own equipment before and after use; wiping down high traffic areas with a bleached-based cleaner; having cleaning staff wear gloves; and removing ourselves from any environment where customers may be sick.